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Where does the money go?

Kindred is a not for profit group of local businesses, meeting for common benefit. The visitor fees and members' subscriptions are used in the following three ways:

  • Hotel room hire and refreshments
  • Administration and marketing including printed materials and online marketing activites
  • Charitable donations where all surplus funds are used to support local charities or specific causes

Can anyone join Kindred?

We only take one person per profession or trade; so if you are a residential Estate Agent and we already have one, we can put you on our waiting list. Of course, if you are a commercial Estate Agent you could be eligible to join this group.

How do you know new members are reputable?

This is a small town where reputation travels fast, good or bad. Everyone has to have a sponsor to be eligible to join and there is an interview process before we accept new members into the group.

Who benefits the most from networking?

In general terms the people that put the most into building relationships with their fellow members will get the most out of the group. If you're focussed and willing to work with other like-minded people for mutual benefit, you are the type of person we want in the group.

What is Tip Time?

Tip Time is a slot in the meeting where you get to learn something new. We are focussed on helping our members develop their skills in any way possible. Within the membership we have a vast array of skills that can be passed on for the benefit of all of the members, from social networking to techniques for getting the most out of a meeting, the scope is endless. 

​Topics will include:

  • Getting the best return on investment in any networking environment
  • How to decide whether to approach others at a networking event
  • Help and advice on communication skills
  • How to get the best from your face to face meetings
  • How to be more confident when meeting new people
  • How to pick a partner for marketing
  • How to present your business, painlessly

What happens in the Member Spotlight?

Each meeting, one member will deliver an in-depth 5 - 10 minute presentation about their business or an intersting area of their life or experience. This is a great platform to let members and visitors know a little more about you and what you do. Every spotlight session is followed by a Q&A time to help everyone get an even better understanding of your business.

What are the 30 second Presentations?

Each meeting the members and visitors to the group are invited to give a 30 second presentation about their business and the type of work they are looking for.  You do not have to speak, but why not take the opportunity to share what you do with a roomful of people that care.

Are members able to bring visitors?

All the members of Kindred have joined with one common goal, helping their fellow members gain more or better business. That means that the more visitors we bring to the group the better, as we get to meet a whole load of trusted local business owners, in one place. Remember, you cannot invite them to come and join, as we have an application process to follow.

What if there's nobody in the room that will need my products or services?

Welcome to Kindred Networking, everyone in the room knows people you don't. If everyone in the room knows 200 people that you don't there is a vast network of opportunity waiting for everyone.

How do I pay for my subscription?

We want to make the whole process of being a member as easy as possible.  Monthly Subscriptions are £15 per month taken on the 1st of every month.

The payment processor is: Go Cardless who process over £1Billion of recurring payments every year.. 




Come along and see for yourself

We meet the last Monday of every month 5.30pm - 7.30pm at the
Humber Royal Hotel, Grimsby.

We encourage people to come along as a visitor to see what it is all about and you can visit us twice before we ask you to make a decision about becoming a member, subject to your category being available.

We are a friendly bunch and there is no pressure to stand up and speak if you don’t want to.

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Don't be scared, we are here to help you, that's what Kindred is about!