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Kindred Business Network Policies & Procedures


Group overview

  • Membership
    • Membership is paid for by subscription
    • There will only be one member per business category
  • Weekly meetings
    • Monday evenings
    • Open Networking from 5.30pm
    • Meeting start time 6pm
    • Meeting end time before 7:30pm
    • Member Spotlight
      • 5-10min slot
      • The member can talk about your business or a subject you are passionate about
      • Q&A Sessions can be held if preferred by the member
    • Tip Time 
      • Networking Tips
      • Business related tips
      • Social Media Tips
      • Short Q&A session

Benefits of being a member

  • Everyone including Visitors gets the chance to speak about their business for 30seconds if they want to. 
  • There is NO requirement to speak if you don’t want to.
  • Exposure to many local businesses that are members
  • Exposure to visitors that come to the meeting
  • Group website
    • All members will be listed by name, business name, phone number linking to a Call Me button on mobile phones.
    • There is also a download button for each member to download their contact details (vcd file) directly to a computer or mobile device.  
    • All members have their own login to the website so they can keep their own information up to date. (Training will be provided)
    • The website will provide an increased online presence on a mobile device optimised website.


Principles of the group

  • The group is not for profit.
    If a profit is made it will be used for the benefit of the members Eg provision of an outside speaker, social events etc. 
  • Charitable support
    • At least 25% of the subscriptions will be retained for charitable donations.
    • Should additional surplus funds be accumulated in the group bank account, the excess will be disbursed to a local charity, selected at that time by the Membership Committee.
  • Short scripts to allow time for business
    Short scripts will be delivered to keep the meeting on track. This will be delivered by the core team and from volunteers within the membership.
  • All businesses are welcome 
    Provided there is an open category any business type (provided it is legal, moral and ethical) may attend.
  • Members training
    Wherever possible free training will be provided to help the members get the most from their time within the group. If a training is booked which carries a charge the charges will be made clear to the membership within the publicity.


Responsibilities of being a member

  • To bring visitors to the group to help the group grow
    Visitors are desirable but not compulsory.  We have a strong sense of ownership among the members which in turn creates a desire to bring visitors to the group to increase the opportunities to gain business for all members.
  • To support their fellow members in their businesses
    Recommending your fellow members to potential customers or other contacts, is desirable but not compulsory. The more members refer one another, the more business we all collectively do. 
  • Supporting the group as a whole
    The group requires input from a number of members to keep it running efficiently, if you are able to help in any way, that will lift your visibility within the group, and improve the way it runs.
  • Visitors must be booked on to attend
    In order to keep the layout of the room and the quality of the meeting consistent, ALL visitors must be booked onto the meeting via the website.
  • Members absences
    If you cannot attend a meeting, please let Gill, or Alison know before 11am on the day of the meeting. This reduces the amount of food we order, and increases the amount of money we can use for charitable donations or member benefits.


Financial administration

  • At least 25% of the subscriptions will be retained for charitable donations.
  • Should additional surplus funds be accumulated in the group bank account, the excess will be disbursed to a local charity, selected at that time by the Membership Committee.
  • The group will fall into the category of a members club and as such will not have to file accounts to HMRC.
  • An Administrator will ensure that all subs are up to date and will pay for room hire etc.
  • Should surplus funds (greater than £20 per member) be accumulated in the group bank account, the excess will be disbursed to a local charity, selected at that time by the Membership Committee.


Attendance rules

  • Weekly Attendance is desirable but not compulsory.  We want to create a sense of ownership amongst the members which will in turn make them want to be regular attendees.
  • If a member decides not to attend the group they can resign their position.
  • A member will be deemed as to cancel their position if without prior agreement they:
    • Miss 4 consecutive meetings
    • Are absent for more than 50% of the meetings in any two month period
  • All reasons will be considered by the leadership team, and valid reasons may include: Holiday of a Lifetime, illness or other compassionate reasons.
  • Visitors – Only 2 visits before they have to decide to join or not



  • Visitors pay £10 on the door
  • Membership is £40 per month or £440 if an annual subscription is taken out paid by DD via Go Cardless system – No weekly or monthly charge on top on membership
  • Should a member leave the group for whatever reason there will be no refund of subscriptions already paid



  • Visitors can pay on the door
  • All membership payments are to be made via Direct Debit


Membership application process

  • Guests of the group can express an interest in membership via the website www.kindrednetworking.co.uk
  • The membership committee will decide whether they recommend the new applicant to be accepted by the core leadership.
  • Should the application be rejected, the decision of the membership committee will be deemed final.
  • Once accepted an application will be marked as confirmed and their details entered into the website.
  • The new member now completes their profile and direct debit mandate before they go live on the system.


Membership applications and complaints

  • Decisions relating to Membership Applications or any other matters will be made by a membership committee of up to 11 members.
  • The minimum number of people able to vote on that committee for it to be quorate is 7.
  • In the event of there being a complaint against a member, the member subject to that complaint has the right to hear the nature of the complaint, and the right to reply to that complaint in front of the committee.
  • If at least 7 members of the committee are present, the committee can be brought up to a full committee of 11 members with volunteers from the wider membership.



  • The Kindred Networking brand, website, group and system are owned and operated by the core membership.
  • The core membership consists of Alison Clynes, Gill Hardy, Mark Hardy, and Steven Clynes.
  • All final decisions regarding to the operation of the group, the membership of the group and its future expansion are at the sole discretion of the aforementioned core members.

Come along and see for yourself

We meet the last Monday of every month 5.30pm - 7.30pm at the
Humber Royal Hotel, Grimsby.

We encourage people to come along as a visitor to see what it is all about and you can visit us twice before we ask you to make a decision about becoming a member, subject to your category being available.

We are a friendly bunch and there is no pressure to stand up and speak if you don’t want to.

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Don't be scared, we are here to help you, that's what Kindred is about!